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Love this guy – Tag 289

I’ve stumbled upon a guy that creates YouTube videos on dog training. His philosophy is exactly what I believe for dog training. I believe in helping your dog become a thinking dog, and one you can communicate with in a loving relationship. This is best achieved with clicker/positive/reward based training. He explains dog training in a clear and concise way. There are many people out there with videos, books and schools. Be careful when choosing your training school or YouTube video 🙂

Here is Tag289 channel and here is his web site –

Also this is my dog school, that I highly recommend

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ZZ & Henri at the St. Paul trial

ZZ 1st run (jumpers) was stressed and slow and she blew off the weaves. If you have been following our progress, this has been our issue, show stress. My friend Linda gave me some great advice, to use a higher voice when telling her to take the weaves. I used a squeaky voice through out the run, and presto it worked! We had a great Standard run today, somewhat fast, relaxed, enthusiastic. She Q’ed, and a 3rd place!

I looked her up on the AKC top 25 agility for Border Terriers this calendar year, and she is #25. I think she is the only Bronze Grand Champion Border Terrier competing in agility at the master level. Maybe someday we’ll get a MACH, and she’ll be the only Master Agility Champion, Bronze Grand Champion, and Master Earthdog bitch. There may be a dog close to that achievement. But ZZ had to stop and have puppies, so no fair comparing. She is probably to only BT to be in the top 25 for agility and conformation. I don’t know how you figure that out though.

Now she gets a break (?), we are waiting for her to come into heat. Hopefully she will have puppies, sometime in June. Cross your fingers.

Henri did great, but missed his weaves each time. He’s such a trooper, I messed up a few cues but he just bounced back and did it right. I think I’m nervous with his weaves, and thought yeah he’s got it, then he popped out on the last pole. He’s a good natured guy that likes to be out there running with me. Love my little dogs.

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Videos from King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Agility trial

No Q’s but nice to have the videos to see what happened. ZZ didn’t get her weaves. I think it was because I didn’t do my usual “Go Go”, I didn’t say a thing. Henri needs it quite, and ZZ needs encouragement. I mixed them up. It is tough to run two dogs. Another difference between ZZ & Henri is Henri needs me close. I was thinking I was close enough to him, but he dodged a few jumps. I thought he was committed, but guess not. Also ZZ starts out slow, so I’m planning to stay closer to her to give her some confidence.

Standard ZZ
Standard Henri

JWW Henri

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ZZ’s road to MACH – Double Q #4

We competed today at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Minneapolis and St. Paul agility trial at On The Run in Blaine. ZZ was happy to be there today, and ran a fantastic standard and jumpers with weaves. She started with a canine massage from Michelle Bame. She seemed to really relax and enjoy the moment.

Our runs were fast (for us), earning 11 points in standard and 7 points in jumpers. I tried running contacts, bending low and pretending to throw a treat. This really sped up her dog walk and A frame. She was reluctant to go on the teeter again, but she was brave and succeeded.

No video’s, too bad, they felt great. But there was a photographer there, maybe we’ll get some great shots.

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Videos of ZZ and Henri at the Norwegian Elkhound trial

ZZ in Master Jumpers

ZZ Master Jumpers with Weaves

Henri’s Open Standard run

Henri Open Standard

Henri’s Open Jumpers with Weaves

Henri Open JWW

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Video of ZZ at Cambridge trial

Here’s a video of ZZ’s Master Jumpers with Weaves at the Cambridge Kennel Club trial –

ZZ at Cambridge – JWW Master run 12-16-2012

And here is her Excellent Standard run –

ZZ running Excellent Standard

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Here’s a run down of our weekend – ZZ completed her Open Agility Jumpers title on Friday.  Qualified in Excellent A Standard and Jumpers on Saturday.  Just Jumpers on Sunday. 4 out of 6 qualifying runs.  2 legs of Excellent Jumpers, 1 leg of Excellent Standard.

Things I learned – don’t get too close to ZZ when she’s getting into her stride on the weaves.  Three days in a row is a drag.  More fun to help out, than sit around.

ZZ was slow.  I don’t know why, but I could not get a good rear cross any day.  Maybe it was the low ceiling, confined space.

Overall a good weekend.

Bronze Grand Champion Meadowlake Sharp Dress Girl RN ME OA OAJ TBAD


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Henri has a new name

Champion Meadowlake Matisse ME RE NA NAJ TIAD TG2

(Master Earthdog, Rally Excellent, Novice Agility, Novice Agility Jumpers, Tea Cup Intermediate Agility Dog, Tea Cup Agility Games II)

Henri earned his Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers with Weaves titles as the Key City Kennel Club Agility trial October 6th 2012.

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ZZ’s new name

Bronze Grand Champion Meadowlake Sharp Dressed Girl RN NA NAJ SE

ZZ earned her novice agility standard and jumpers with weaves titles today, September 9, 2012.  She did it in style with 3 qualifying scores in trials, 2 100 and 1 95.  All first places.

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Welcome to Gusto Border Terriers new web site!

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If you like this web site and would like one of your own, please contact