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Hazel qualifies for NOHS Finals

With limited showing Hazel, HĂ„XA HUD, Crazy Girl, Peanut – GCH CH Gusto Beautiful Thing NA NAJ – qualifies for the AKC National Owner Handler Series!! Off we go to Orlando 🙂


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Hazel’s Tear Sheet

Hazel had her debut in a print magazine this month, Showsight. It was fun to create with the staff at Showsight. Thank you for their patience and creative insight. I figure this will be the only time I will have a dog in the top 5 rankings of anything, so why not. I think it turned out beautifully. Check out page 205 (digital) or 201 (hardcopy)

Hazel's Tear Sheet from Showsight magazine

Hazel’s Tear Sheet from Showsight magazine

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Summer Solstice Cluster dog show rundown

It was a fun weekend with friends, food, wine, and lots of driving. Kathy and Margaret stayed at my house, so it was like a little slumber party each night with wine and lots of dog talk.

Here’s a run down on our weekend in Cambridge –
Betty’s Ozzie (littermate to Hazel) finished his Champion with a 5 and 4 point major.
This makes ZZ qualified for Bronze ROM. It brought tears to my eyes, a very bittersweet moment.
Margaret’s Chase won select dog in class of 44 Dobs, then went on to win a group 2 in Owner Handler
Janice’s Pippen finished her Grand Champion on Friday
Stephanie’s Hailey won her class on Saturday in a huge group of open intermediate juniors
And Scarlet won a 4 point major on Saturday also.
And Hazel won breed three days, was 5 or 6 on Thursday in the group (made the cut), won a group 1 in Owner Handler Friday, then group 3 in Owner Handler and a group 2 in regular group on Saturday!!! Thank you judges Ann Katona for the group 2 and Deborah Wilkins for the Owner Handler group 1. With Hazel’s limited showing, only 8 weekends this year, she is number 4 in all breed points, and number 2 in Owner Handler (I think – the numbers are changing all the time).

I’ll treasure these memories for a long time.

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Louie is a Master Earthdog!!

Louie got his Master’s title in Earthdog May 2nd! Cathy and Louie are such a great team. The next day they went on to earn their first Endurance Earthdog leg. Such a special dog. He has his Master Barn Hunt title, and 6 out of 10 legs towards his RATCH.
Louie Master Earthdog

Cathy Hoese and Louie
Meadowlake Crazy Like Fool ME
GCH Mchill’s Hrh Prince Gizmo House Of Gremlin X GCH Meadowlake Sharp Dressed Girl ME MX MXJ RN

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Why crate your dog?

We crate our dogs when they have their dinner. They run to their crates, excited to have their dinner. They love their crates, everyone has their own. I wish I would have kept it up with Beatrix, because she became very nervous in a crate in her old age.

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It’s a family affair

We had fun running Tea Cup Agility (TDAA) tonight at Cloud Nine Dog Training School in New Hope Mn. It was a family affair because my mom was there with her three Boston Terriers, me with Henri and Hazel, and my daughter Alix with Evie (Skittle). Alix and Evie rocked it!!! Evie was speedy and had a fun time. It looked like she had a smile on her face. It was great to be with my mom, here’s a video of her and her pup Wheats. click here to watch Wish I had a video of Alix & Evie.

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Louie the Barn Hunter

Louie is ZZ x Gizmo puppy that has excelled at many things, among them is the new activity – Barn Hunt. His owner Cathy is his partner in all the endeavors, Barn Hunt, Scent Work, Agility, and Earthdog. He’s one versatile dog.

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Skittle Update

Many people are wondering how Skittle is doing. She is doing great. She had surgery last Wednesday, getting a plate on the left side and a screw on the right. After surgery she looked a little like Frankenstein, a Lowchen and a drunk with her scars, trim, and walking gate. She walks much better now, not very tippy at all. The pelvis was broken in two places, but the ball and sockets were not broken. The doctor expects a full recovery. She is on restricted movement for 7 more weeks, no stairs, or jumping off couches etc, and must be on a leash even in the house. She has a little sling to help with walking or really catching her if she stumbles. I’m not sure how long we need that. She’s my little bionic doggy.

Skit showing one of her scars.

Skit showing one of her scars.

Thank you all for the kind words, cards, flowers and gifts. It’s very overwhelming and humbling the out pouring of concern from so many people. Some days I’m doing fine, other times a sadness comes over me, that feels like a huge hole in my stomach. Why my stomach? and I have no idea why driving to work is such a sad experience. ZZ wasn’t with me at work. So odd. But the busier I am the better. Hazel is making sure I keep busy. She is very demanding and insists on going to her classes, and getting as much attention as possible. She is always jumping up into my arms.

Every dog gives us something we never knew we needed. I’m so thankful for each one.

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My heart is broken

We lost our ZZ on Tuesday night. She, Skittle and Henri got out via the garage I was out of the house with Hazel, so we don’t know how long they had been gone. We started searching for them when we noticed Henri was outside.

Within a half hour we found out ZZ and Skittle were hit by vehicle at 50th Street and Browndale, a busy street about 4 blocks from our home. Two good samaritans stopped, however the driver of the vehicle that hit them did not. One person knew exactly where the emergency vet was located and brought the dogs there, and the other person started driving through our neighborhood to find someone looking for dogs. They found my son, and he immediately called me and I drove to the hospital. I was able to be with ZZ before she passed. Skittle had pelvis surgery Wednesday and is expected to fully recover. Hopefully she will be home Friday.

ZZ was my heart dog, my once in a lifetime dog. I’m am thankful for so many wonderful memories, especially our last specialty. We let the dogs sleep with us during shows, and she curled up close to me every night. We accomplished so much in her short life. I think she is one of the most highly accomplished Border Terriers – with a bronze grand championship, master earthdog title and master agility titles. We were on our way to a MACH title with 9 double Q’s and 250 points. She also had two litters, and I’m so thankful to have kept Skittle and Hazel from each litter.

One of my favorite memories is her little single bark after I told her tunnel – like she was telling me “got it” – as she would go zooming into the tunnel.

She loved me to no end and I loved her. My heart is broken and I miss her terribly.

ZZ Talking to meZZ talking to me at agility class

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Gusto at BTCA National Specialty – 2014


We had a great time in Gray Summit, MO at the Border Terrier Club of America National Specialty 2014 show. I was extremely thankful that my mom came with me, beside a great companion she was an effective navigator and dog walker. When necessary she went into her “horse show mom” mode and made sure I was ready for the show ring. I could not have done it without her.

We had four days of activities, starting with agility on Day 1. ZZ & Henri had nice Jumpers runs, but had a case of the sniffs during the standard runs. Evie/Skittle debuted in Novice B. She did a fine job although she still needs more courage. She stopped a few times out on the course.

Day 2 was Sweepstakes and team obedience. Hazel (Gusto Beautiful Thing) did an outstanding job, and won her 9 to 12 puppy bitch class. Henri had a great time in team obedience. Here’s a video North Country Anglers.

Wednesday (Day 3) started out with Pink (Gusto Glitter in the Air at Meadowlake) and Deb Steel in the 9 to 12 month class. They looked great. Pink walked away with a 3rd place in the very competitive class. Next was Hazel’s Bred By Exhibitor class with 14 entries. She pulled off a 3rd place in this highly competitive class. Later in the day ZZ (Meadowlake Sharp Dressed Girl) competed in Working Bitch and did a fabulous job. I was worried we would not place when our judge, Mrs. Ruth Ann Naun, did not look at us when she was making her last decisions – because she had already decided on ZZ to win the class!

Thursday was the final day. Skittle/Evie (Meadowlake Pure Imagination) competed in Best of Breed, along with ZZ because she won her class. Judy Cowen expertly help me show the two dogs. For roll call, Judy brought in ZZ and I brought in Skittle/Evie. Then the class was broken up into 4 subgroups, Skittle/Evie being in the last sub group. She loves the breed ring, and show’s her little heart out. To my joy she made the cut and got to go back in the ring for the final decision making. This meant that both her and ZZ would be in the ring at the same time. Judy took Skittle in and I took in ZZ. Judy and Skittle were a great team, Mrs Naun giving her a good look. Unfortunately they did not make the final cut of special bitches. ZZ was in the sub group of working, veterans and winners, set off to the side. Mrs Naun didn’t give us much of a look, so I was getting worried ZZ would not do anything in breed. Mrs Naun was working the specials pretty hard, having them go through the paces, not looking at our sub-group. But we kept showing the entire time, not letting up. ZZ has a beautiful stack and profile, so we kept it up. She took her time making her decision, going to the table to make notes, then coming back out to review the dogs again. Finally she was awarding BOB, BOW, BOS, then Select Dog, all from the specials (except BOW), then turned and pointed to us for Select Bitch – 2nd best bitch at the show. It was thrilling, a moment I’ll remember always. After that exciting moment, we went in for Brood Bitch class. Helping me with this fun class was Hailey Sorenson with Skittle and Deb Steele with Pink. They did a wonderful job showing these girls, I was so proud. We walked away with a second place. A great way to top it all off!

The best part is I was able to experience the thrills and excitement with my mom by my side.

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