ZZ & Henri at the St. Paul trial

ZZ 1st run (jumpers) was stressed and slow and she blew off the weaves. If you have been following our progress, this has been our issue, show stress. My friend Linda gave me some great advice, to use a higher voice when telling her to take the weaves. I used a squeaky voice through out the run, and presto it worked! We had a great Standard run today, somewhat fast, relaxed, enthusiastic. She Q’ed, and a 3rd place!

I looked her up on the AKC top 25 agility for Border Terriers this calendar year, and she is #25. I think she is the only Bronze Grand Champion Border Terrier competing in agility at the master level. Maybe someday we’ll get a MACH, and she’ll be the only Master Agility Champion, Bronze Grand Champion, and Master Earthdog bitch. There may be a dog close to that achievement. But ZZ had to stop and have puppies, so no fair comparing. She is probably to only BT to be in the top 25 for agility and conformation. I don’t know how you figure that out though.

Now she gets a break (?), we are waiting for her to come into heat. Hopefully she will have puppies, sometime in June. Cross your fingers.

Henri did great, but missed his weaves each time. He’s such a trooper, I messed up a few cues but he just bounced back and did it right. I think I’m nervous with his weaves, and thought yeah he’s got it, then he popped out on the last pole. He’s a good natured guy that likes to be out there running with me. Love my little dogs.

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