My heart is broken

We lost our ZZ on Tuesday night. She, Skittle and Henri got out via the garage I was out of the house with Hazel, so we don’t know how long they had been gone. We started searching for them when we noticed Henri was outside.

Within a half hour we found out ZZ and Skittle were hit by vehicle at 50th Street and Browndale, a busy street about 4 blocks from our home. Two good samaritans stopped, however the driver of the vehicle that hit them did not. One person knew exactly where the emergency vet was located and brought the dogs there, and the other person started driving through our neighborhood to find someone looking for dogs. They found my son, and he immediately called me and I drove to the hospital. I was able to be with ZZ before she passed. Skittle had pelvis surgery Wednesday and is expected to fully recover. Hopefully she will be home Friday.

ZZ was my heart dog, my once in a lifetime dog. I’m am thankful for so many wonderful memories, especially our last specialty. We let the dogs sleep with us during shows, and she curled up close to me every night. We accomplished so much in her short life. I think she is one of the most highly accomplished Border Terriers – with a bronze grand championship, master earthdog title and master agility titles. We were on our way to a MACH title with 9 double Q’s and 250 points. She also had two litters, and I’m so thankful to have kept Skittle and Hazel from each litter.

One of my favorite memories is her little single bark after I told her tunnel – like she was telling me “got it” – as she would go zooming into the tunnel.

She loved me to no end and I loved her. My heart is broken and I miss her terribly.

ZZ Talking to meZZ talking to me at agility class

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