Kindle’s New York City Experience

It’s been a few weeks, but I want to record our experience in NY. Kindle and I had an amazing time in New York City. We went with two friends – Jane and Sharon. Great traveling mates. Kindle handled the city like a pro. I paid the $50 to use the dog spa in the basement of the New Yorker. The dog spa had a big area with wood shavings for the dogs to potty. It also had a tread mill and three grooming tables. The first day, Kindle had no problem using it. But after that she didn’t want anything to do with it. I don’t know if it was the fact that more dogs were using it or she just didn’t like the shavings. So I ended up bringing her outside most of the time, looking for some sort of grass or dirt. She got used to pooping on the concrete. In fact once it was in the middle of the street. It was a surprise, so I didn’t have bag ready, and the light was changing. It was a pins and needles experience.

She loved the show, and was a happy girl strutting her stuff. She was pulled for second best bitch, and I thought how exciting. The top bitches in the country were there, and I was excited to be among them. Then when we came to the placings, Mr Micheal Shoreman pointed at Kindle for Best of Opposite. Wow!! It was a fast paced time after that, with pictures and congratulations. All a whirl wind of activity. It was such a great time, now I’m making plans to come back next year.

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