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Summer Solstice Cluster dog show rundown

It was a fun weekend with friends, food, wine, and lots of driving. Kathy and Margaret stayed at my house, so it was like a little slumber party each night with wine and lots of dog talk.

Here’s a run down on our weekend in Cambridge –
Betty’s Ozzie (littermate to Hazel) finished his Champion with a 5 and 4 point major.
This makes ZZ qualified for Bronze ROM. It brought tears to my eyes, a very bittersweet moment.
Margaret’s Chase won select dog in class of 44 Dobs, then went on to win a group 2 in Owner Handler
Janice’s Pippen finished her Grand Champion on Friday
Stephanie’s Hailey won her class on Saturday in a huge group of open intermediate juniors
And Scarlet won a 4 point major on Saturday also.
And Hazel won breed three days, was 5 or 6 on Thursday in the group (made the cut), won a group 1 in Owner Handler Friday, then group 3 in Owner Handler and a group 2 in regular group on Saturday!!! Thank you judges Ann Katona for the group 2 and Deborah Wilkins for the Owner Handler group 1. With Hazel’s limited showing, only 8 weekends this year, she is number 4 in all breed points, and number 2 in Owner Handler (I think – the numbers are changing all the time).

I’ll treasure these memories for a long time.

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Louie is a Master Earthdog!!

Louie got his Master’s title in Earthdog May 2nd! Cathy and Louie are such a great team. The next day they went on to earn their first Endurance Earthdog leg. Such a special dog. He has his Master Barn Hunt title, and 6 out of 10 legs towards his RATCH.
Louie Master Earthdog

Cathy Hoese and Louie
Meadowlake Crazy Like Fool ME
GCH Mchill’s Hrh Prince Gizmo House Of Gremlin X GCH Meadowlake Sharp Dressed Girl ME MX MXJ RN

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Why crate your dog?

We crate our dogs when they have their dinner. They run to their crates, excited to have their dinner. They love their crates, everyone has their own. I wish I would have kept it up with Beatrix, because she became very nervous in a crate in her old age.

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It’s a family affair

We had fun running Tea Cup Agility (TDAA) tonight at Cloud Nine Dog Training School in New Hope Mn. It was a family affair because my mom was there with her three Boston Terriers, me with Henri and Hazel, and my daughter Alix with Evie (Skittle). Alix and Evie rocked it!!! Evie was speedy and had a fun time. It looked like she had a smile on her face. It was great to be with my mom, here’s a video of her and her pup Wheats. click here to watch Wish I had a video of Alix & Evie.

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Louie the Barn Hunter