Puppy Information

Cyndi Olson



We do not have any puppies available. We are not planning any litters right now.

When we do have puppies we are breeding for versatile, athletic, healthy Border Terriers that conform to the breed standard. We consider all characteristics of both the mother and father, all health clearances are required. After this careful selection and puppies are produced, we do everything possible to raise the puppies to be self-assured, confident, friendly puppies.

At day 50 a careful critic of the puppies are done. We follow the tests in Pick of the Litter by Deborah Jones, Ph.D. from her book The Focused Puppy. The purpose of such testing is twofold. First, to gain information about the pup’s current personality and behavior. These tests can help to determine how active, bold, or curious the puppy is at the moment. Second, to make predictions about how the puppy may behave as an adult. We can then work to build up the areas where there are weakness and preserve their strengths. This can also help us place the best puppy with someone’s situation and interests.

This is a very good article about puppy shopping… Puppy buyer etiquette

The best place to learn about Border Terriers and if Border Terriers are the right breed for you is the Border Terrier Club of America web site.

If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out the form Gusto Puppy Questionnaire and email to GustoBT@Yahoo.com.

If you like this web site and would like one of your own, please contact CDOconsulting@juno.com