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Hazel’s first show

Hazel competed in her first dog show on Feb 22nd, at the big International Kennel Club in Chicago IL, at McCormick Place. People say that you should always start a puppy in a small show with a low key environment. IKC is the direct opposite. It’s a benched show, this is where dogs need to stay at the show the entire day, and the public can visit with them. There is so much going on, and so many people, but Hazel did fabulous. She had a full day of showing. She started with Puppy Sweepstakes at noon, then moved to the BTCA Designated Specialty, visiting with people while waiting to go in the show ring. She was so excited to see everything. In the show ring she was amazing. While only going to one handling class, she moved beautifully while on a loose leash, and she staked great (for a puppy). Lots of twitchy feet, but pretty darn good for a little girl that doesn’t sit still much. She walked away with Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and Best of Winners, and an Award of Merit in the BTCA Designated specialty. Winning won a 5 point major. I am so proud of her!

Here’s her show pics…Hazel IKC Best puppy sweeps 2014

Hazel IKC BOW 2014

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Skittle – Champion Meadowlake Pure Imagination

Announcing Champion Meadowlake Pure Imagination – Skittle. Our little girl completed her champion on January 4, 2014 under judge Mr Michael J Dougherty, with a Best of Winners major. She loves the show ring and is such a pleasure to show, showing on a loose lead, and stacking like a pro. I love this photo of her, I got a little sloppy with her grooming, but her beauty still shows.

Skit Champion photo

Skittles limited show career includes Best of Winners at Devon, and two group 4’s. Skit had to play second fiddle when the puppies came, and when I was focusing on agility with ZZ. This summer we will focus on Skit, running some agility and going to dog shows.

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Why we strip

Here’s an article that takes about why double-coated dogs should not be shaved. Border Terriers are double-coated dogs, not as dense as a Husky, but still a double coated dog.

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New Homes

Here’s the puppies new families. So happy for everyone. I truely think they are matches made in heaven.

Gusto Stella “Stella” (Purple girl) is loved by Jeff and Dan.

Gusto Skarth “Notch” (Blue boy) is loved by Erin & Todd, Soren & Kjell.

Gusto Chester “Chester” (Mr. Green), loved by Mary, Jason & kids along with Manny the Border Terrier.

Gusto Jax Tell Yer Momma “Jax” (Zappa) newly loved by Stacie & Eric and girls.

Gusto Crazy Train “Ozzy” (Ozzy) newly loved by Betty.

Gusto Glitter in the Air at Meadowlake or Gusto Lets Get The Party Started at Meadowlake “Pink” loved by Karen and her crew.

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Puppy Photo Album

Here are the first photos of the puppies.

I’m going to keep adding photos to this google album. So keep checking back for new photos.

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Puppies discover bottle pool

We heard about a “bottle pool” for puppies. So we are giving it a try. Apparently this will help make the puppies very comfortable when stepping on things that move, hearing noises around them and having their bodies touched by non-living objects. It can build courage and overall confidence. I think it looks like just plain fun! As I sit here typing this I hear the rustle of bottles 🙂

Click here to view Razzle entering the bottle pool.

Bottle Pool

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Puppy Videos

Puppies get their ribbons on. Alix was having trouble keeping track of who’s who, so we put the ribbons back on…

Click here to see the puppies with their ribbons

The pups are 3 weeks old now. They are movin’ and a shakin’. It’s so fun to see them playing with each other. Too Cute!

Click Here to view the video

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Raising Superstar Dogs



We are trying some additional activities with this litter of puppies. We had done the Early Neurological Stimulation and lots of socialization with our last litter. In addition we are going to give Jerry Hope’s “Superstar” puppy program a try, detailed in Jerry Hope’s book, The Breeder’s Guide To Raising Superstar Dogs.

Jerry’s program follows canine development through the different phases (critical periods) with targeted activities for the breeder to perform to help each puppy’s brain develop optimally during each period. This program helps us fulfill our responsibility to produce confident, outgoing puppies who can adapt to new situations and environments with ease, and give them the ability to best canine companions they can be.

The five benefits that have been observed in canines that were exposed to early neurological stimulation exercises are:

1. Improved Cardiovascular Performance
2. Stronger Heart Beats
3. Stronger Adrenal Glands
4. More Tolerance to Stress
5. Greater Resistance to Disease

In tests of learning, stimulated pups were found to be more active and were more exploratory than their non-stimulated littermates. Secondary effects were also noted regarding test performance: in simple problem solving tests using detours in a maze, the non-stimulated pups became extremely aroused, whined a great deal, and made many errors. Their stimulated littermates were less disturbed or upset by test conditions, were calmer in the test environment, made fewer errors and gave only occasional distress vocalizations when stressed.

This is Jerry Hope’s description of the critical periods:

Birth – 12 days: Neonate Period
Introduction of Bio-Sensor

13 days – 20 days: Transitional Period:
Auditory and Visual Stimulation Introduced

21 days – 28 days: Awareness Period
Introduction of Sudden Sounds

3 weeks -14 weeks: Socialization Period
Introduction to People & Other Animals; Basic Skills (sit, down, stand, etc.), Bite Inhibition, and House
Training Introduced

8 weeks – 11 weeks: First Impact Period
Lots of Care and Gentle Guidance During This “First Fear Period” Are Necessary (and part of why we
don’t let our pups go to their new homes until they are past this critical period)

12 weeks – 13 weeks: Puppies Leave For Their New Homes

13 weeks – 16 weeks: Seniority Classification Period
Puppy Starts to Become An Individual (personality starts to develop); Sharing (food, toys, etc.), Bite
Inhibition, and Intensity of Play Must Be Taught

14 weeks – 8 months: Flight Instinct Period
Continued Socialization (puppies are very brave and investigative during this period), Surviving
Teething, Solidifying Basic Skills, Avoid Establishing “Bad Habits”, Reinforcing House Training

6 months – 15 months: Second Impact Period
Reassurance Though Fearful Situations, Relearning of Old Skills, Building on Basic Skills

It’s all very fascinating, and I hope this will give our puppies the solid foundation that our puppy owners can build upon for having a great family companion.

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Puppies are Born!!!

Bronze Grand Champion Meadowlake Sharp Dressed Girl AX AXJ ME RN (ZZ) and Champion Tyrolian Talk of the Town (Buzz) would like to announce their new litter, born July 26, 2013. Four grizzle boys and three grizzle girls. ZZ delivered her puppies last night about 10 pm with 6 being born by 11:15 pm. Then the last girl arrived at 1:00 am. All are healthy, weighing between 6 and 6.5 ounces. Mom and puppies are resting comfortably.

ZZ & Buzz Litter Announcement

ZZ & Buzz Litter Announcement

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7 Puppies!!!!

ZZ went in for her X-ray today, and looks like there are 7 puppies!!! Her due date is Saturday.


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