Skittle Update

Many people are wondering how Skittle is doing. She is doing great. She had surgery last Wednesday, getting a plate on the left side and a screw on the right. After surgery she looked a little like Frankenstein, a Lowchen and a drunk with her scars, trim, and walking gate. She walks much better now, not very tippy at all. The pelvis was broken in two places, but the ball and sockets were not broken. The doctor expects a full recovery. She is on restricted movement for 7 more weeks, no stairs, or jumping off couches etc, and must be on a leash even in the house. She has a little sling to help with walking or really catching her if she stumbles. I’m not sure how long we need that. She’s my little bionic doggy.

Skit showing one of her scars.

Skit showing one of her scars.

Thank you all for the kind words, cards, flowers and gifts. It’s very overwhelming and humbling the out pouring of concern from so many people. Some days I’m doing fine, other times a sadness comes over me, that feels like a huge hole in my stomach. Why my stomach? and I have no idea why driving to work is such a sad experience. ZZ wasn’t with me at work. So odd. But the busier I am the better. Hazel is making sure I keep busy. She is very demanding and insists on going to her classes, and getting as much attention as possible. She is always jumping up into my arms.

Every dog gives us something we never knew we needed. I’m so thankful for each one.

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